Thresholds Group specializes in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) for Statistical Modeling and Analytics (Data Science), providing experienced consulting in all aspects of EIM. Whether it is traditional data warehousing with business intelligence or cutting edge fusion of big data with predictive analytics, Experience and insight defines the difference in successful design and deployment.  Thresholds Group has the experience and expertise to deliver:

  • Enterprise data architecture deployment methodologies and Program Management Office (PMO) set-up and leadership.  Enterprise level data architectures need to be planned as ongoing programs, not as end date projects.  This means planning for executive sponsorship, ongoing charter, active stewardship (read as data governance) and staffing.
  • Big Data expands the options and complexity in EIM’s decision support functions, with its support for predictive analytics. As this complexity grows, so does the need for an underlying conceptual framework. Thresholds Group’s consultants have extensive experience in defining this framework for optimized delivery to meet each client’s specific objectives.
  • Enterprise level Big Data metadata management, lineage tracking, master data management (MDM),  data governance and data stewardship, all require experienced-based thought leadership, as well as, insightful data architecture design, to be deployed successfully.
  • Enterprise project management capability maturity model (SW-CMM / CMMI), MDM capability maturity model, and data governance capability maturity model assessments and improvements, all work together, if fitted into a comprehensive framework.  Within this framework, proposed solution models are vetted against a business defined critical success factor (CSF) hierarchy.
  • Traditional enterprise business intelligence (BI) architecture and methodologies can still be designed and deployed with, either, data warehouse or data lake. But, it requires experience to determine when / how, each, architecture will deliver advantage to the business.
  • Advanced statistical modeling and analytics usually require very large data sets, big data, to derive meaningful results.  These analytics models perform best when operating against stable, subject oriented, atomic level data structures.  This means planning and organizing the big data or at least knowing where each element of a subject area is located (metadata management and tagging).
  • Business process management (BPM), mapping processes and workflows, vetting the data architecture against these process maps, applying methodology and experience to implement the best technologies for the processes’ execution and data management.
  • Data mining strategies for advanced analytics, using a strategy of defined subject oriented tagging in HDFS clusters, to expedite ingestion and application of statistical models to very large sets of data.


Thresholds Group consultants have the real world experience of active participation in pioneering the core technologies and methodologies critical to today’s integrated enterprise data architectures, BI, and Analytics systems. Thresholds Group has resources with the experience working with the pioneering vendors and individuals credited with inventing:

  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM) architectures and methodologies
  • Integrating Enterprise Data Architectures
  • Full life-cycle Enterprise Development and Deployment Methodologies for OLAP / OLTP
  • Enterprise Program Management Office (PMO) planning and deployment strategies
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Architectures
  • Enterprise Master Data Management  (MDM) architectures
  • Enterprise Data Governance and Stewardship methods and organizations
  • Capability Maturity Models and strategies for IS-CMM, MDM, Data Governance
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) architectures
  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics architectures
  • IT Governance Controls and Compliance Assessments
  • Data Mining methods and architectures
  • Corporate Information Factory (CIF) planning, design, and deployment
  • Business-requirements-driven structured development methodologies


Thresholds’ consultants have contributed to the development of all of the above technologies and techniques.

Many of our ongoing consulting engagements are add-on or repeat business with existing clients.

Let Thresholds Group add the value of seasoned competitive-edge thought leadership to your strategic initiatives. Front-line experience throughout the evolution of today’s technologies enables this firm to provide value-added in-sights, efficiently integrating leading-edge delivery techniques and tools with IT governance controls. Thresholds’ helps our clients to deliver their  high complexity business and governance objectives: optimized for measurable ROI, technical flexibility and quality, as proven across successful projects in the Retail, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Energy, and Travel industries.

Our mission is to provide a client focused business partnership: a partnership in which the client’s needs are clearly defined, met, and exceeded. We build long-term relationships with our clients, based on earned trust and respect. Our purpose is to focus our extensive experience and skills in deploying the tactical EIM solutions that deliver your strategic business objectives.

Explore our website. We believe you will see our qualifications, drive, capabilities and experience. We can plan, architect and deliver your enterprise EIM solutions.

What Thresholds Group has successfully delivered for our current “Fortune 500” client-base, we can deliver to your organization.

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